JOHN BLACKWELL, 48 Walbrook Ave., Dayton, OH 454O5

Sept. 1, 1992


Thanks for sending me a copy of ZAPPER. It is very impressive, and I have enjoyed it. In return, I am sending you a free F.GODMOM registration packet. I hope you enjoy it as well.

ZAPPER reminded me a little of ID Software's WOLFENSTEIN 3-D. Do you know the guys at ID? They live not too far from you in Mesquite, TX. Maybe I'll send them a copy of ZAPPER.

One improvement I would suggest for future versions would be fewer, more intuitive controls. For example, you could probably convert all the movement and targeting controls to combinations of the Shift, Alt, Ctrl and Arrow keys. That would allow the player to put his left hand in the Shift/Alt/Ctrl area, his left thumb on the Space Bar and his right hand on the Arrow keys. Then the play could move forward by pressing the Up Arrow, move the cross-hairs by pressing Ctrl-Up, rotate up with the Shift-Up, and stand up with the Alt-Up. That would eliminate a lot of the hunting for the keys that I found myself doing.

If you want to discuss shareware or game programming further, feel free to write me at this mailing address, at my Compu-Serve address (7O373, 2O32) or at my Internet address ( I enjoy exchanging ideas with fellow shareware game programmers.

Cashew later,


John Blackwell, Soggybread Software

THE PC ARCADE, 14 Moreland Ave., Oakville, CT 06779

Sept. 25, 1993

Dear Mr. Acord:

Our company, The PC Arcade, is a shareware distribution company of high quality shareware programs. We are very impressed with the quality of your program Zapper In Neverwhere v1.0, and we are very interested in including your program in our catalog. We would like to list your program in our catalog as a shareware product and to distribute copies of the program to others for a distribution fee of $1.95 per copy to cover our time and expenses.

We are an approved vendor of the Association of Shareware Professionals. Out catalog offers a fairly detailed description of approximately 175 words per disk. If you would like to submit a description of your program written in your own words to be included in our catalog, feel free to do so.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Kevin Tran, President

LLOYD R. PAINTER, 102 Roberts St., Quakertown, PA 18951

January 8, 1994

Dear Mr. Acord:

Enclosed is check for $20. Please send copies of all your shareware games.

Thank you!

Lloyd R. Painter

STEVEN R. BIRNBAUM, PH.D., 173 Mineola Blvd., Mineola, NY 11501

January 11, 1994

Acord Games:

Enjoyed playing Zapper and would like to register my copy with you. Please forward the other games which come with the package.


Steve Birnbaum

JOEL J. SARTORI, 5114 William St., Lancaster, NY 14086

Sept. 21, 1995

To Whom It May Concern:

I have used one of your computer games through the use of shareware and found it to be very enjoyable. I would like to try more of your programs.

If possible please send me a catalog or listing of programs you may have available (both shareware and non-shareware).

Thank you in advance for the information.

Very truly yours,

Joel J. Sartori

ZIFF-DAVIS INTERACTIVE, The Riverview Bldg, One Athenaeum St., Cambridge, MA 02142

Sept. 18, 1995

RE: Lost In Zapperstein

I am writing this letter to request permission for Ziff-Davis Interactive to include your shareware program(s) on future CD-ROMs which we will be distributing to Ziff-Davis readers. Our CD-ROMs are designed as editorial products, and showcase a selection of our software library. They are not shovelware CD-ROMs. If we decide to include your program(s) on any future CD-ROMs that we publish, you will be notified in advance.

Scott Arpajian, Acquisitions Editor

ZDI Software LIbrary

JERALD G. BALL, PO Box 40404, Houston, TX 77042-0404

Oct. 17, 1995

MAN! ZOOM 1 was GREAT!!!!! How about ZOOM 2 & 3 ?? Thanks.

JEAN-FRANCOIS PAQUIN, 6 Louis-Hebert, Ste-Therese (Quebec) Canada J7E 3W5

Oct. 20, 1995

HI, I've found one of your games on the NIGHT OWL'S VOLUME 18. This game is Zoom 1, but only the first part ( was found on this CD-ROM. This is not very funny. In ZAPALOG.COM, a short sentence said, "For a copy of all twenty of our shareware games, send $10." This is why I've sent with this letter a money order of $10.

For your interest, when I have decompressed, I have executed INSTALL.BAT to install the Zoom 1 Disk 1. After this installation, at the end the batch file asked me: "Please insert disk2 and type install2.bat and press enter". I don't have this file!

I think this kind of commercial CD-ROM editor doesn't respect shareware authors. I think this is not an isolated case, because I have found another game where the second part was missing ( IKILLERS v1.0 (another 3-D game)).

Please send me your game collection quickly, I'm very impatient to play your games!

GARY BEYERS, 701 S. Hickory, Pana, IL 62557

July 6, 1998

Enclosed is $20 for the game Ultimare in which I ordered from MOM & POP'S SOFTWARE. My name and address is below. I am using the game on a 386 SX computer with 5 1/4 and 3 1/2 inch drives.


June 10, 2010

(I sent Ken Silverman an email and he responded. The quotes are excerpts from the email I sent him, followed by his responses. -Gary)

" .. Years ago .. I called you .. never got around to calling you back."

It's probably for the best. I tend to disappoint people on the phone with my lack of talking skills.

" (I always wondered) .. what kind of program you would have sent me that would have enabled me to edit the levels of Ken's Labyrinth."

I probably wouldn't have sent you anything at the time, and you would have thought I was a mean person. I eventually did release those editing tools in 2005. I put the Ken's Labyrinth Developer's Toolkit here:

"(My website is)"

Nice screenshots. It's funny seeing anime in Wolfenstein. It's a shame that you never got into Build.

" .. hoping to find a few people to communicate with .."

These days, I've been chatting mostly with other programmers as I've been more interested in developing engines and tools, rather than making games to sell. It looks like you do mostly artwork. That would be a great fit if I ever wanted to work on a commercial game again. If I worked on a game with you, would I have to do all the programming for it? Do you know vector math? If the answers to these questions are both no, then I'm not sure I would want to dedicate that kind of time right now.

-Ken S.




ZAPPER IN NEVERWHERE. Arcade games. Acord Games. In this 3-D, scrolling, virtual reality type game, a freak lightning bolt draws you into an alternate dimension inside your computer. The denizens of this strange universe offer to help you return to Earth if you help them defeat their ancient enemies the Zargons. The bizarre landscape is peopled with strange pyramid-shaped beings who provide you with clues and teleport you to other areas in your quest to escape. Features include Soundblaster-compatible sound effects and music. VGA, CGA, or EGA.

BIG BYTE SOFTWARE, 2425 W. Arkansas Ln., Arlington, TX 75O13

NEW! (#3141) ZAPPER (1.O): You were sitting at your computer when suddenly -- you've been zapped into your computer! Try to find your way out while battling aliens and figuring out various puzzles. This 3-D graphic game will keep you entertained for hours.... Keyboard controlled.


NEW! ZAPPER 1. In this 3-D, scrolling, virtual reality arcade game a freak lightning bolt draws you into an alternate world inside your computer, filled with dungeons, caverns, buildings, bizarre landscapes, & eerie creatures who offer you clues & teleport you to other areas in your quest to find your way out while battling aliens and figuring out various puzzles. Will keep you entertained for hours. Soundblaster or PC sounds. VGA, CGA & EGA versions included.

Letter From Gary

2010 Gary Acord